Trees Trees Everywhere…

It is the most obvious, common-place things in our life that we easily overlook, we take such things for granted. Above all the things around us, trees are the most obvious thing in sight (maybe this will not be the case in near future), and almost always, the most overlooked. It is a sad truth, but all of us suffer from same illness, of ‘overlook-ness’. Just consider a cursory scenario and tell me whether it applies to you as well:

There is a tree (or trees, the more, the better) that you come across every day on the way to work, but you never notice it, never acknowledge its presence. Maybe, in your subconscious-self, you are aware of its existence, but more often than not, if someone asked you about its presence in so-and-so place, you would scratch your head, and say, “Funny, I never noticed it”.

If this happens to you as well, I plead you to stop. Stop whenever, wherever you sense that something mighty is standing in front of you, beside you, around you. Now, look around. What do you see? Isn’t the mighty giant breathtaking – with its green boughs, cool shade, its solid wood, its ancient bark, its size, its calm assurance, its peacefulness, its overall beauty as an entity, as a tree itself? If this does not please you, soothe your soul, heal your day and bring warm happiness, I think it is about time you consider what path you have taken in life, because wherever it is taking you, it is not worth it. it is not worth going to end up in a place where there is no love for trees, or God forbid, no trees at all.