Another Lee Min-ho Portrait



<– Can you guys make out that this is –>

:sparkling_heart: :two_hearts: Lee Min-ho? :two_hearts: :sparkling_heart:



Please let me know in the comments.

Here is the Reference Picture


I just find it easier to do side faces than bang-on front face…. it’s so hard to get the nose right… and as I’ve started doing sketches, I’ve realized the shape of the nose is extremely important to get right….. I’m also not good at open mouthed sketches…. Always seem to get the teeth all wrong.

In this particular sketch, I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of things wrong :unamused: …. Like the eyes, the part between the nose and the lips. I’m also not great at doing hair. I watched a few YouTube videos to learn hair and this is the 2nd FanArt I’m doing (1st one being the previous one) after watcing videos on how to do hair.

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