The Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine For A Glass-like Skin

So, last night I decided to give the Korean 10-step Skin Care Routine a try and see if my skin responds favorably. As a teenager and young adult, I never had any issues with my skin, but of late, my skin looks super tired and I get a lot of acne, which was never a problem for me before.

I’ll update soon on what products I’m using for each of the steps. I still have to figure out which products will suit my skin type. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my skin will recover with this routine.

Living in India, the water where I live is really hard and harsh on my skin. The first step I’ve decided on, one that you probably will not find anywhere else is that for my facial cleaning routine, I’ve decided to get one of those non-electric water purifiers so that the water I use is gentle on my face. No matter what products I use, if the water itself is damaging my skin, it’s just money down the drain and well exactly what I don’t want – an UNHEALTHY SKIN!

Well, before I sign off, here are the steps to the skin care routine I’ll be following hence forth. I’ve actually put up a chart next to my cosmetics table in my room! That is how serious I am about doing this!


As a note – The last step should be substituted with a Sunscreen for day-care, before applying make-up.

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