Never Give Up

Dust your knees and get back on your feet
For every time you fell, you tried.
You can achieve anything you put your heart to
Never allow self-doubt stand in your path
And even if you fall from time to time,
Even if it gets hard once in a while,
Or when it feels excruciatingly hurtful,
Just keep moving forward and never give up.

Sometimes it might take a while,
A little bit longer than you’d planned for.
Sometimes you might find yourself where you hadn’t envisaged
But you just keep firm in your resolve,
Do all the things you wish to in your heart,
Care not how the world might form conjectures
Or how they might view you while you try
To dip your toes, venture into the unknown and let your hair fly.

Through the icy chill of the winter winds
Or when you’re faced with the gentleness of the ocean breeze
Through the scorching heat of a summer noon
Or the soft warmth that radiates from the sun.
Whatever you may be faced with as you go
Be it love, hate, hope, despair or wonder
Never ever give up what’s in your heart or give up your dreams,
Afraid to skin your knees should you fall.

And even when it seems inconceivable and tough,
Push on, keep moving forward for that’s the only path.

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