You pushed me away and left me stranded
On the path we were together to walk
At the moment, the way ahead is clogged
So for now, I’m parked by the road.

You see, right now, the snarl up has me stalled
But soon, with time, the roads will no longer be thronged
And I’ll find my way out of this cram
Perhaps with little more than a scar, perhaps a scratch is all.

You see, with every drive, I’ve learnt to change gears
To apply the breaks, to accelerate when that’s what is called for
To navigate my way around the pot-holes
And drive my way out of impasses and gridlocks.

You said, you needed some time to offload
I said, don’t keep me waiting for too long
For right now I might wait by the curb
Waiting for you to make your way back to me on our way home.

But once the roadblock eases,
I might not be there waiting
The place where you left me,
I’ve been there before weeping.

Not for the first time
I’ve been left waiting by the curb
Stranded & punctured,
I have to change the tires again on my own.

Once again this time,
A little bit stronger than the last time
When I had to make my way home in despair,
And be back here all alone.

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