The Castle of Sand

We built a castle together
Built it with stories
We shared with each other
Our hopes and our dreams
Our flaws and our vulnerabilities
Our strengths and our disabilities
I thought our castle was unbreakable.

Built with concrete and bricks
It could weather a storm
Get a little damaged,
If the the winds blew too strong.
But it would still stand firm
And with some time and effort,
A little more concrete and bricks
We could repair the cracks
Bring it back to its former self.

Perhaps the storm came too soon
Before the concrete could set
When the cement wasn’t dry yet.
Perhaps what we built was a castle of sand
One strong wave and it washed away
A little push and it crumbled and fell.

And I thought to myself, we still have
The sand, the bricks and the gravel
From our fallen castle.
With some time and effort
And everything else that we had
We could mould it into
Something new.

But we couldn’t find the time
The cement was hard to come by
And the smallest of waves
Washed the sand and gravel away
The bricks just lay there, scattered everywhere
Till there wasn’t anything left there
The castle had disappeared without a trace.

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