What Does It Feel Like?

What does it feel like to be loved, and to be cared for
To have someone to whom your feelings mean something?
Someone who’ll listen when you’re sad and hurting
Someone who’ll not always blame you for everything.
What does it feel like to be able to be yourself,
To make mistakes and as you are, to be accepted?
What does it feel like to be held close and to be kissed
To be told it’ll all be fine when you’re scared
Or for a moment when you’re weak and uncertain
When you want, just for a moment, some support,
Someone you could lean on
Someone you could always depend on.

Things I’ve only read about in books
The only time I’ve experienced them have been in my dreams.

What does it feels like to love someone
To give all of your heart unreserved
Without the fear of ever getting hurt
Without always waiting for your trust to be broken
In the harshest possible way for him to break your heart?

For his shallow excuses that always follow
Of him telling you how it was all because of you
How everything was always all your fault.

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