You have no confidence,
You’re broken
Afraid of being blamed
For everything.
When things go amiss
You’re terrified
That everything you do
Will go awry.

Don’t let anyone
Play you for a fool.
Your truth
Only you can know.
Without making mistakes,
No one can exist.
Your imperfections
Aren’t weapons
Like bullets
To be aimed at you.
Even with your flaws
You’re beautiful.

Your love wasn’t meant
To be abused
Your trust wasn’t meant
To be misused
Your heart wasn’t meant
To be broken
Your hurt isn’t fiction
To be scoffed at.

Your pain
Is heart-wrenchingly real
The tears
You refuse to shed
The shadows
That have been cast
The joy you once felt
That you can’t seem to anymore.

Your experiences,
Only you can feel
Every lie
That you believed in
Every betrayal
That broke your heart
You came up against
Unequivocally, irreversibly
Changed you.

You grew up
You built your walls
You conquered
Your demons alone
You learnt to fight
Your wars on your own
You learnt to disbelieve
In fairy tales
Happily ever afters
You learned to scoff at.

There’s a story behind
Every fear you have
There’s a reason for
Every tear you shed
With a broken heart
Every smile you fake
With every heartbreak
You grew up, you realized
You learned not to trust again.

Through your rose tinted eyes
The perfect view you had of life
Doesn’t really exist at all.
Now the veil has come off
Now you know for sure
That world you dreamed of
Is an illusion you have to let go of.

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