I hear the rain
Pouring relentlessly
In the background
It makes a soothing sound
Pitter-patter pitter-patter
As it hits the ground
The far away thunder
That sounds like a distant roar.

With the rain comes memories
Of my brother and I
Making paper boats
Telling each other stories
Of adventures
The paper boats would have
As they set off
On their journeys.

I remember
Playing in the rain
Getting drenched
Dripping from head to toe
Or wearing gum boots and raincoats
Searching for a rainbow
On carefree childhood days.

I remember
Wading through
Water logged streets
To get home from school
The rickshaw-walas lined up
In front of my lane
A hundred rupees
For a distance of a hundred yards.

Sitting on the balcony
Watching the rain pour
Reminiscing about old times
Tea and pakoras by my side
A book in my hands
On days like today
Rain playing background melody
I love my city
Although I know,
As soon as the rain stops
I’ll hate the water logging it brings.

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