One Step At A Time To Mend

There are times I feel so demotivated
Like everyday is on endless repeat
Nothing to look forward to
This suffocating emptiness inside me.

I want to feel again
Find some meaning in my life
Every morning wake up to a morning glow
Of warmth radiating from the sun.

I long to be happy again
Smile a smile from deep within me
I want to find joy in small things
Look forward to something good in everything.

I want to trust again
For what is a friendship worth without trust?
I want to give my all again
For what is love worth without giving it our all?

My heart has been broken many times
So many times I’ve been left me alone
Crying on the curb without a warning
I have lost myself figuring things on my own
But a long way I’ve walked
Just fine on my own.

It’s taken me a while,
One small step at a time
I stumbled and fell many times
As I trudged the path to mend
Now I have found my balance again
Soon I’ll walk without faltering
Soon I’ll run again.

These attempts at love
The lessons I’ve learnt
The many ways in which
I’ve been broken
So many have disregarded me
Sure I’ve been hammered and hurt,
But I’m still not broken yet.

I must be thankful
For the reality check I’ve been given
Because with time and experience,
I have learnt a little bit more about myself.

I think it’s a sign
Going forward,
I think I’ll be alright
I think I’ll learn to love again
This time some of that love
I’ll keep for myself.

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