Thoughts Of You

My mind is running
Thoughts of you flashing
In my mind’s eye
Your smile playing.

The gentleness in your eyes
Every time you looked at me
The playfulness in your voice
Whenever you spoke to me
Those memories of you
So overwhelming.

The warmth I felt
Just having you near me
Your voice so soothing
Always so comforting
That spot on your right
Always reserved for me
From where I watched
Every little expression
That played on your face.

Every time you gave me
Your pen-drive to keep with me
My heart skipped a beat,
Did you know?
For I knew you were
Silently asking me to wait for you.

Whenever you held me back
Asking me for an opinion
I knew without a doubt
You just wanted me to be around
And in the end,
I learned so much from you
My mentor, my love, my friend.

It’s not you saying “I love you”
I’ll miss the most
No, I’m not saying I don’t.
It’s the small little things about you
That makes you so special
That I’ll miss the most.
It’s the warmth radiating from you
When you’re just being you.

It’s the music
You brought back into my life.
To me, that music is you my love
It’s just so many little connections
The sense of completeness
That’s what I miss the most
That’s what I long for the most
It’s the warmth of you
That I so love and cherish
With all my heart,
I’ll always love you.

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