I Cannot Make You Love Me

I can pen for you
A thousand poems
Put together words
That speak of what I hold in my heart.

I could sing for you a million songs
Put out of tune melodies to the depths
That words cannot alone express
Of how much I long for your love.

I could make as many sketches of you
My pencils tracing every curve of your face,
Bring to life every line and every mark
The depths of your eyes
The happiness in your smile
That my fingers long to caress
On your beautiful face.

I can give you all of me,
Give you all of my life and my heart
And my whole world too.
I can kiss you with all of the love I feel for you
I can promise to hold you for eternity
Everything within my power I can do for you
Try to comfort you when things go wrong
But it isn’t what you want from me.

I’m not that person for you
And no matter what I do
No matter how deeply I care
The one thing I cannot change
Is your heart
I cannot make you love me when you don’t.

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