A Flawed Love

I have never wanted you to give me the stars
I have never wanted the moon
All I had wanted were moments spent with you
Small, insignificant and yet so dear.

To wake up next to you
To run my fingers on your face
Pillow talks as we fall asleep
To hold you and be held by you

To feel your warmth and give you mine
Sometimes just watch you smile
So many small little countless things
I dream of every moment in time

All I had wanted was to know
Every small little thing about you
How you like you tea
What your favourite sweets are

Which toothpaste you use
Are the bristles on your toothbrush
Soft, medium or hard?
The smell of the soap you use

What do you like for your breakfast?
What are your favourite peeves?

Now, I don’t even want that anymore
These aren’t things we were ever meant to share
Things I can only dream of
Things that aren’t meant to come true.

I just want you to be happy
Just hope that you find love and happiness
Wherever you are and with whoever you are
I hope you find true love.

Falling in love with you
Was wrong to start with
But now there’s nothing I know to do
Loving you is the best I can do.

I miss you so much
But you’ve always belonged to someone else
You’ve never been mine
What am I even fighting for?

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