Can We Not Be Us?

I wish I had not told you how I felt about you
I wish I had not acted on my impulse the way I always do
Wish I’d just let it be and admired you from a distance
I wish we’d stayed the friends we used to be

If only I hadn’t said anything,
Would we have still been good friends, you and I?
Could we still continue to cherish,
Our beautiful friendship and each other’s company?

Could we still share a laughter
Could we still care for each other
Would it still be okay to share a case
Or the preposterous silly thought that crossed my mind?

That absurd news I read on twitter
And what’s trending that made me seethe with anger
All the things that make me laugh or make me cry
Everything else that I want to talk with you about
Everything out there that’s under the sky?

My Sky
Can I still watch the twinkling of the stars
The full moon lighting up the night sky
The sun and the clouds were
The thunder and the lightening
Everything that once was my Sky.

If only I could hear your voice
Or do you really not have the time for banter,
To jest around and to tease each other?
Would it really annoy you to see my name
Next to the message on your screen every time?

I don’t know how to pretend, how to act different
With you, how can I be anyone else but me
Please, can we not just be us?
Be the us we know how to be?
Can I not still send you my silly emojis and silly stickers?
The gifs that were once a part of our everyday conversations
I don’t expect you to respond in kind because you’re you.
But can I not be myself with you?
How do you expect me not to love you so suddenly?

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