The Love Story That Wasn’t – I

Part I – The Tainted Image

You came into my life
When the clouds were dark
There wasn’t a silver lining to be found
My whole world was bleak
And everyday was broken,
Lengthy and unceasing.

You came into my life
When I’d stopped looking
When all hope was gone
My heart was numb
And my feelings frozen,
Dead and buried.

You slipped into my life
I still smile when I think about it
Anyone else I would’ve ignored it
I felt so close to you
I could tell you I missed you
You caught my attention
I wonder if you now regret it.

Are you disappointed I let you down?
Fell from the pedestal you put me on
Where I did not belong.
You thought of me as someone else
And I knew
Who you thought me to be, I never was.

I tainted the picture,
The photoshopped image you had of me
I’m not that strong you see
It’s just an air I put on
To keep people away from me
I wish you didn’t have to see
This ugly side of me.

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