The Love Story That Wasn’t – II

Part II – I Miss You

There’s love at first sight
We hear and read about it often.
But with wonderment
I had a crush on your beautiful voice
At first listen
And your beautiful smile
And your soothing presence
And your quiet encouragements
Your gentleness I miss so much
Is that even possible?
Are my feelings that absurd,
Are they that impossible?

I miss you terribly
I know it makes perfect sense
When you are this important to me.
And now it is too late
To let you go
The way you want me to
I am in too deep.

I miss you
Your good mornings brighten my day
I miss you
Every two minute call you make
In the middle of a busy day.
When you say –
“I can’t talk to you for long”
“I just got a call”
“A patient to attend to”
“An FNAC to take”
“A case to report”
You make me feel special
For you are making time for me
Every time you call.

I miss you
The smile in your voice
I miss you
Every picture you send me of you I treasure.
I miss you
The songs you sing so beautifully
I miss you
Miss sharing songs with you
Miss dedicating songs to you
Miss listening to music with you
Miss discussing cases with you
I miss you
Our goodnights at the end of each day.

Sharing with you
Hearing about your day
What you’ve been up to
The cases that get you excited
The mishaps and the lessons
Your sincerity that is so endearing
The way you navigate through everything
All of these I’ve come to cherish
Through it all,
I’ve come to love you more.

I know you said
Being with me isn’t what you want
I know why
You’ve told me the reasons.
I should just let it be
For I loved you when the timing wasn’t right.

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