Laid Bare

I was hurting,
I needed a friend
I thought you wouldn’t judge me
I thought you were my friend.

My strengths and my weaknesses
I showed to you
Things that made me happy,
And the ones that had broken me too.

My past and my present,
You knew it all
My tears and my jouissance,
I shared them with you.

All there was of me,
I showed to you
The good, the bad and the ugly
Yes, all of me you knew.

Every truth and every lie
You had access to
There weren’t any pretenses,
I tried never to lie to you.

Every mask I wore came off
All the make-up, I wiped off
Every scar in me, easily discernible
Layer by layer, all of me I exposed to you.

I didn’t conceal,
I didn’t hide away
Every blemish in me,

I’m human, I’m flawed
Every time I walked down the wrong road
I let you know,
My mistakes, I let you see.

I never tried too hard to hide
My imperfections, my failings
Every fault in me
I laid bare for you to see.

Through all of this I never imagined
That you’d break my trust
It hurt me when I realised
That although you meant so much to me
I was dispensable
And all you could see
Were the parts that were
Broken, ugly and scarred.

Now I hurt,
But I know I’ll never heal
For although you were my friend
And the love of my life
I know now that I was never yours.

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