A Lie

I love you, my love
But my love’s become a lie
Created by the fiction you wove
From the first time
You showed me your quasi-love.

When your feelings were untrue
How can what we shared not be a pretense?
And when all that we shared was a lie,
How can my love for you remain true?
Untainted by all the lies?

But even in this falsehood
What I felt for you was my truth
And I still love you
But I refuse to live in this make-believe
For how can a love created in a lie
Continue to be honest?
Unless we end the dishonesty and lies.

And even if we never ever
Speak another word to each other
If that is what it takes to un-pollute
And to salvage my love for you
Perhaps my love can find a way
To once again be true.

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