Once Again I’m Broken

Just one conversation
That is all it took
A few minutes of chatting
And I broke again.

One conversation
And the memories won’t stop
Wounds so deep
They’ll never truly heal.

Of the hurt and the pain
The betrayals and the lies
Of trust broken over and over again
By the one I loved the most.

The truths and the lies
All tangled and inseparable
Nothing makes sense
What was true, and what was a lie?

You’ve moved on
It’s been so easy for you
It meant nothing to you
Just a mistake for you.

I’m stranded now
With my feelings alone
Left abandoned
Torn and shredded.

All the hard work
Every day and week
Trying to get over you
To not think of you.

Every effort to heal
All undone by a moment
In the split of a second
I’m broken again.

Like the pieces of glass broken
Can’t be put back together again
Forever my heart torn
Forever I’m broken now.

Never ever will I again
Believe in these lies
Thank you for the lessons
You’ve opened my eyes.

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