The Love Story That Wasn’t – II

Part II – I Miss You There’s love at first sight We hear and read about it often. But with wonderment I had a crush on your beautiful voice At first listen And your beautiful smile And your soothing presence And your quiet encouragements Your gentleness I miss so much Is that even possible? Are…

The Love Story That Wasn’t – I

Part I – The Tainted Image You came into my lifeWhen the clouds were darkThere wasn’t a silver lining to be foundMy whole world was bleakAnd everyday was broken,Lengthy and unceasing. You came into my lifeWhen I’d stopped lookingWhen all hope was goneMy heart was numbAnd my feelings frozen,Dead and buried. You slipped into my…

I Cannot Make You Love Me

I can pen for you A thousand poems Put together words That speak of what I hold in my heart. I could sing for you a million songs Put out of tune melodies to the depths That words cannot alone express Of how much I long for your love. I could make as many sketches…

Words Not Backed By Action – Of Little Value.

By this, I definitely do not mean that words aren’t important. They’re most definitely important. Without communication there can be no form of bonding. But only words, at least for me, aren’t enough. They need to be followed through with action.

What Is Love?

To me LOVE is ✅ Being friends, ie – 1. Having Trust in each other2. Being honest with each other3. Having respect for each other4. Clear communication between each other5. Time for each other/not taking each other for granted6. Respect for each other’s space7. Support during tough personal/professional phases8. Being each other’s safe space/judgement-free space9….